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Posted on November 9, 2020

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    Kiwi Aversion Training

    08:30 -10:30
    Everett Park Scenic Reserve
    From Inglewood, drive east along Tarata Road, turning left onto Bristol Road, then turn left into Everett Road.

    If you take dogs hunting or live near forested areas the Department of Conservation’s FREE kiwi aversion training will teach your dogs to avoid kiwi. Your dog will be taken through a course which includes stuffed kiwi, dead kiwi and nesting material. The dog wears an electric collar which is activated to give a negative response when the dog sees/smells kiwi. The level of the shock is minimal and applied by a professional.

    Participants MUST register prior to training.
    Contact: DOC New Plymouth ph 06 7590350
    DOC will confirm attendance prior to the day.