Restore Taranaki Community Environmental Grants

The fund is currently closed.

Updates will be posted on this page. 

We want to support you, your school, group or organisation to restore Taranaki, to protect populations of native wildlife, increase native vegetation cover and create corridors to connect our hinterland with the mounga to the sea, and improve the health of our freshwater.

Working together we can protect and enhance the environment of our region for future generations.

For more information check out our Application Guide.

Download and application form here.


Download the terms and conditions here.


Ngā kaupapa matua/Priorities

  • Restore the Sound and Movement of our Taranaki wildlife
  • Restore the Cloak of Taranaki
  • Restore the Freshwater of Taranaki

Ngā kaupapa kāore e tautokona ā-pūtea/What we don’t fund

  • Activities or work that has already been completed
  • Activities or work that is required as a condition of a resource consent or mitigation
  • Projects that are part of a current or known future subdivision consent application
  • Projects that may lead to a conflict of interest for Wild for Taranaki or are identified as not in accordance with Wild for Taranaki’s rules, policies or recommended best practice
  • Projects whose sole purpose is beautification
  • Projects that are currently identified and resourced in work plans from Taranaki Regional Council, Department of Conservation, District Councils or any other managing agency
  • Projects being carried out as part of the requirements for tertiary qualifications
  • Native trees which reach 5m height at maturity. Funding is available for these via Trees that Count for more information contact Trees that Count Regional Advisor Sarah Roth for Taranaki.

Photo Credit: Bill Clarkson