Wild For Taranaki

Biodiversity champion Bev Gibson

Introducing Bev Gibson, our Wild for Taranaki chair. That’s her with the pink hair with her mokopuna, Takarangi and Te Araroa Pye and their friend Te Auripo Luke watching Chris Dodd from Taranaki Kōhanga Kiwi at Rotokare (TKKR) release a kiwi on Taranaki Maunga recently.

Bev has been on our board for the past two years and became the chair at the end of last year. Her ‘why’ of doing this mahi is it that it’s critical in championing and advocating on behalf of Wild for Taranaki members for the security of a healthy, sustainable, and balanced ecosystem for the next generation to live in. Oh, and plus she gets to work alongside others who love what they do and ‘are the most positive and well-grounded people I know’.
Her vision is that “biodiversity is embodied by all who reside in the Taranaki community to restore and care for nature and the environment. That the people of Taranaki (nationally and internationally) will be proud of the work of Wild For Taranaki and its members, and others will want to replicate it.”