Wild For Taranaki

Our Logo

We are Wild for Taranaki. Our name represents our collective action and enthusiasm for bringing about positive changes to our wild and natural environment, for thriving biodiversity in this region.   

Our logo reflects collective action and our community. The image is of our native moth, Notoreas Taranaki. Each of its wings converges, creating an organic visual of Taranaki Mounga. The colours represent four important elements: pink – community; gold – wildlife, green – environment and blue for our fresh and coastal water. 

Tō Tātou Taiao   

This represents our membership. It means – “our natural environment”. One meaning for the word ‘tō’ is – a single item shared between multiple people. In this context, it means you and I share and are part of the single existing natural environment. This kōrero highlights the importance of our vision as it emphasises inclusion and the fact that we only have one natural environment to protect. It’s a communal statement that resonates with the idea of a large community working together towards the wellbeing of the natural environment.   

Maranga Papatūānuku   

Maranga Papatūānuku means the raising of Papatūānuku, the Māori god mother who is all of the land itself. This phrase is a great Māori example of the term ‘thriving biodiversity’. It speaks to the raising and restoring of the land in Taranaki and Aotearoa to a healthy, flourishing, biodiverse state and the state of Papatūānuku herself, a garden of Eden. It’s a strong statement to support the vision of the community restoring Taranaki’s Biodiversity.  

Tō tātou taiao – Maranga Papatūānuku.   

Placing both terms together highlights the work of the Wild For Taranaki whānau as somewhat of a spectrum. Tō tātou taiao leads us into the natural environment as one large collective with intention to restore its biodiversity and native wellbeing. As we get closer to achieving that goal, we reach a state where Papatūānuku begins to flourish and rise. “Maranga Papatūānuku” can be seen as a statement of desired outcome provoking our imagination towards the height of a thriving biodiversity. Overall, it represents a shared responsibility over the natural environment with a vision to restore it to its most natural and thriving state.  

Support our community to restore Taranaki's natural environment

We can’t do it alone. We need your help! Any money you donate will go directly to supporting Taranaki projects restoring and protecting biodiversity. You get to choose where it goes to. And if you can’t help out with cash, you can help in other ways.