Wild For Taranaki

Take Action

Welcome to our action hub

This is where it all happens. Find out what projects are happening near you, set up your own or become a helper. Get involved and be part of the action.

What’s in it for me?

More birdsong in my backyard, spotting lizards and just knowing there are more kiwi out there thriving – those are just a few reasons to get involved. How about contributing to making our part of the world a better place? Maybe that’s too grand. How about, it’s fun! It’s fun being outside, in nature, with others doing stuff. You might even get a sweat up. Or you might be inside on a computer writing and adding in results – that can be fun too if that’s your thing! 

Whatever your ‘why’, we believe the more people we have on board to help in whatever way possible, the better.  


Register on our Action Hub to form or support a project. Provide cash or shovels, a place for planting, organisation know-how, or your unique skills and experience. Big or small, it all counts! 

Become part of the bigger picture and make your mahi count. By working collectively and showcasing what we do, we create more impact and add momentum to restoration efforts in Taranaki.  Sign on to our Action Hub and be part of the regional network and your neighbours, funders and others can see what you’re doing and help if needed. 

What do I need to do? Sign up with some basic details, either as an individual, an organisation or a landowner, and list your project, what, where, who’s involved – as much detail as you are comfortable with. Add a photo. If you don’t have a project but want to help, sign yourself up and register as a volunteer, available to help in a certain area.  

How does it work? Once registered, you’ll get private user access to edit your project page (you can see all projects listed on our Projects page). You can select what is made public and there are all kinds of useful reporting tools, which will help with planning, doing and measuring of your project.

Say you’re wanting to plant an area with native vegetation. The tool provides useful support at every step of the way from mapping the plan of the site, selecting plants, creating a budget, sharing health and safety information, to sharing and inviting others to the event.  Biodiversity action made easy!

Support our community to restore Taranaki's natural environment

We can’t do it alone. We need your help! Any money you donate will go directly to supporting Taranaki projects restoring and protecting biodiversity. You get to choose where it goes to. And if you can’t help out with cash, you can help in other ways.