Wild For Taranaki

Our Story

Empowering our community to restore our natural environment.

Wild for Taranaki is the region’s biodiversity trust supporting more than 45 groups and organisations working to protect and enhance the unique native plants, animals and ecosystems within Taranaki.  

Our purpose is to support and coordinate members for better efficiency, grow funding for the sector, and lead the region in a connected vision of thriving Taranaki biodiversity.  

At Wild for Taranaki we have oversight of what’s happening in the environmental and conservation sector and we’re part of the Department of Conservation Hubs network. We connect the dots between individuals, groups and organisations, whether it be neighbours wanting to plant a nearby reserve, catchment restoration by iwi or businesses wanting to do their bit.  

There is a fantastic diverse range of environmental projects happening throughout Taranaki. The work being done, including trapping pests, reintroducing species lost to native bush areas, and planting and restoring wetlands, waterways and coastal areas, is making a positive difference.

Yet more needs to be done. The proliferation of pests combined with habitat loss has driven numerous native species into decline and extinction. Further collective action is needed for large-scale impact: stopping further loss of biodiversity and preserving and growing thriving ecosystems for future generations.  

We believe that working in partnership achieves far more than working in isolation. Through collaboration, sharing knowledge and celebrating what’s working well, we will achieve success and fulfil our vision of thriving Taranaki biodiversity, providing significant benefit to all communities.  

What Wild for Taranaki does:

  • Provide support for growing the work of Wild for Taranaki members  
  • Coordinate the sector (via regular catch-ups, a biodiversity forum and problem-solving on key issues)
  • Connect groups to enhance efficiency in the sector  
  • Encourage investment, secure funding and support funding applications  
  • Build partnerships  
  • Provide information and resources, such as planting guides and best-practice knowledge   
  • Advocate for biodiversity protection   
  • Promote success stories, encouraging individuals and groups to get involved  
  • Develop research  

Support our community to restore Taranaki's natural environment

We can’t do it alone. We need your help! Any money you donate will go directly to supporting Taranaki projects restoring and protecting biodiversity. You get to choose where it goes to. And if you can’t help out with cash, you can help in other ways.