Wild For Taranaki


Support biodiversity restoration in Taranaki and donate now

We’d love any of your hard-earned cash to go towards helping biodiversity projects in Taranaki. You can specify where your donation goes. This can be a specific project found on our Projects page, a member group doing the hard mahi, or the Wild for Taranaki team can ensure it goes directly where it is needed most – saving species, planting and restoring ecosystems. Your support enables positive action to happen!

Regular giving, one-off donations 

Take your pick.  You can make a regular monthly donation by filling in the form on this page or make it a one-off donation amount.  


If you’re a business and are looking to sponsor or partner with us or one of our member groups, we’d love to hear from you. Email [email protected]. We can tailor your support to suit your organisation and staff, and find a project in your area if you are wanting to get some hands on involvement. 

Support our community to restore Taranaki's natural environment

We can’t do it alone. We need your help! Any money you donate will go directly to supporting Taranaki projects restoring and protecting biodiversity. You get to choose where it goes to. And if you can’t help out with cash, you can help in other ways.

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