Wild For Taranaki

Taranaki Seabird Project

A long-term project scoping how best to protect and enhance Taranaki native seabird species is starting in August, thanks to Lotteries funding.

Danielle Gibas says the concept started a few years back with a marine and coastal forum which discussed threats facing seabirds and marine life and what could be done as a region.

“There’s been fantastic work by organisations and communities across the region from the Grey-faced Petral Trust in the north, to protection and education about the Dotterals in the South – this project will build upon that work in a co-ordinated regional approach.”

The funding will be used to bring a wildlife specialist to map out the region’s coastal area, hold community workshops, and plan for action where the most impact could be made for enhancing threatened seabird species. Significant funding will then need to be secured for implementing the 10-15 year plan.

Danielle says community and iwi interest and input into the project is crucial, so everyone is vested in making this work for the betterment of our bird populations. “This is massive, the opportunity to build on the amazing work that’s been done and allow for the expansion of these coastlines, creating resilience, which is going to be so important for the years ahead.”

Get in touch with Danielle [email protected] now if you’re interested in playing an active part in it.