Wild For Taranaki

Te Whānau Toroa summed up

Te Whānau Toroa – a Wild for Taranaki initiative – was set up with the purpose of helping to deliver site-specific, tailored support to the multiple sea and shorebird protection groups around the 263-kilometre Taranaki coastline. 

Over the decades, sea and shorebird protection rōpū/groups have nurtured these precious native bird species, protecting nesting sites and increasing populations, despite thinly spread resources and limited funding.   

The Wild for Taranaki team has spent three years engaging with these groups in a bid to understand how to better support sea and shorebird protection work on every level. 

Out of respect for the diligent work of these bird enthusiasts, many of whom are voluntary workers, Te Whānau Toroa was born, to create a collective pool of quality resources, access to training and expert assistance, where and when required. 

Coordination between the groups not only helps achieve the goal of protecting and increasing bird numbers, it creates whanaungatanga/community where shared knowledge, resources and technology can be fostered. 

Sharing regional vision, based on work already being done, only serves to improve the success of each project.   

The aim of Te Whānau Toroa is not to homogenise the care of the birds, but to understand the Kaupapa of each site, offering shared skills and tools to achieve the best outcomes for specific bird populations and the communities which support them. 

From bird banding, to trap upkeep, site stability, and ornithological expertise, Te Whānau Toroa aims to tautoko the work of bird protection across a range of skill sets.  

Leading Te Whānau Toroa is biological oceanographer and Strategic lead for the initiative, Danielle Gibas. Any queries, contact Danielle at [email protected]